Firefly: a tale told in 180 degrees of separation is a lyrical yet formal structure comprised of 6 stanzas, each five lines "long" and six lines "deep." Readers make their own way through the text by clicking on each line to reveal a different facet of the story. Click on the right hand icon for the next installment of lines.

The work is a "true" hypertext in that it cannot be read linearly. The structure, subtly changing settings, and reader interaction all provide multi-dimensional spaces for meaning, subtext, and context.

Biography: Deena Larsen has long since given up on shaking the new media addiction. She has published numerous works and helps create more addicts to this new forum with chats and workshops, working with the Electronic Literature Organization and trAce. She shares a small apartment with two walls covered with her notes for Disappearing Rain, doors with notes for e:electron, curtains with her works in progress, far too many paper books, and 200 MacClassics being restored as hard copies of her first work, Marble Springs.

Technical requirements: Firefly is a 630K file that requires a Flash 5 or higher player. No sound required. To see the entire image, stretch your screen to at least 500 by 600 pixels.