Erin Elizabeth is an 18-year-old "southern girl" who grew up in a rural community outside of Columbia, SC and "now makes her home in the wonderfully thick soup of New England accents, primarily Providence, Rhode Island," where she publishes an on-line literary collection, Stirring. Erin has works in many publications, including Disquieting Muses, Agneiska's Dowry, Aubade, Polemic, Dithyramb, pith..., Tuesday Café, mostlyPOETRY, and the GLBT magazines PRISM, Silencio = Muerte, and Dragoneyes, and is a multiple award winner, including: Warner Brothers' Insomniac Asylum's Poetry Slam, Barnes and Noble's Amazing Instant Novelist, Poetry Superhighway and Anima's Poetry Slam (Simon and Schuster).

Scott Benish lives in Portland, Oregon.

He designs things.